Case Study on RailYatri: Simplifying Train Travel


About RailYatri

RailYatri is a train traveling consumer platform which provides the most up to date information to the 25 million passengers who board a train every day. The company was founded in 2011 headquartered in Noida. It provides real-time information on live train status, PNR Status, seat availability predictions, fare calculator, platforms/ facilities at stations, personalized alerts, access to essential travel services like meals and taxi and much more.RailYatri’s mission is to simplify train travel.


RailYatri Founders:

RailYatri was founded by Manish RathiKapil RaizadaSachin Saxena who had over 20 years of engineering experience between them. Three of them got together with a mission to simplify train travels as Railways is the preferred transportation mode for a vast majority of Indian population. The platform is aimed to be the capable train travel advisor helping passengers make informed decisions about their train travel.

How RailYatri Helps:

Here is the list of services provided by Railyatri to help its users.

  • PNR status information of each train.
  • RailYatri provides analytical based information on seat Confirmation Probability.
  • It provides Live Train Status, but with real-time GPS Location mechanism.
  • Timetable of trains with Offline timetable feature, so that one may check it without Internet connectivity.
  • It helps its users to avoid the delayed trains by studying the running time statistics of the trains between two stations.
  • You can find all the information in the RailYatri if you are a daily commuter through local trains and metros.
  • Users can also get to know the real-time speed of your train and various trivia’s about Indian Railways and the stations uses deep-analytics technology to make predictions that help travelers make smart decisions for their upcoming travel. RailYatri uses user’s mobile GPS to know train delay details.

Railyatri Users:

In terms of user demographics, RailYatri currently claims to see about 30-40 percent of its users coming from metro cities, with the remaining activity coming from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Awards and Recognitions:

RailYatri has been awarded as one of the best travel and tourism apps of 2014. RailYatri has won several awards like

  • The mBillionth South Asia Award
  •  The Best Utility Award in the Vodafone Appstar contest.

Other than these awards RailYatri has been continuously receiving vigorous critical appreciation throughout in various print and online media publishing.

RailYatri recently forayed into becoming a train-travel oriented marketplace. It is now enabling travelers to book essential services such as high-quality onboard meals, bus tickets, and Hotel rooms booking. has launched milk delivery service for train travelers. Warm milk will be delivered in specially designed spill-proof thermo packages. All these services can be ordered through the RailYatri app and delivered at the designated stations.




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