Celebrate a Green Holi with the PeaceTrees campaign by Heartfulness


In this week of Holi celebrations, the Heartfulness Green initiative launched the “PeaceTrees” campaign to protect our neighborhood trees and spread the message of peace. Youth from 40 cities across India are taking part in this event to plant endemic tree saplings and paint trees with natural lime-based “white” color making Trees, symbols of peace.

Thousands of trees die or are affected due to sun-scalding and insect attacks every year in India. Painting trees with lime and herbal mix help protect them from the scorching summer heat, termites, insects, infections and cracking of the bark. The PeaceTrees initiative by Heartfulness is thus catching everyone’s attention. This initiative was carried out to give meaning to the auspicious festival of Holi. By colouring, thousands of trees white on the festival of colors, Heartfulness, its partner organizations, and local communities aim to spread the message of peace.

In today’s world, we face a multitude of challenges such as rising global temperatures, mass extinctions, extreme weather events, technological disruptions, and growing depression levels etc. Our predominantly digital lifestyles increasingly disconnect us from nature, leading to unprecedented stress-levels and conflicts. The PeaceTrees initiative by Heartfulness helps us protect, nurture and reconnect with nature. The Heartfulness relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation techniques offered on a free-of-cost basis help us remain balanced and access peace and inspiration from within.

What better than a tree, to symbolize peace in our neighborhoods? What better way to reconnect with nature than to protect our green friends? Through the PeaceTrees initiative tree-painting, planting and awareness drives are being led by Heartfulness youth volunteers in collaboration with local non-profits, colleges, startups and businesses across India. All are invited to join hands and champion the PeaceTrees movement in your neighborhood or societies by protecting trees and planting native species wherever opportunity arises, to secure a greener and peaceful tomorrow.


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