Chimp& Inc Releases a Short Film to Raise Awareness on Self-Help This World Mental Health Day

World Mental health day

‘#IAmHere and #IAmHearing’ is a thought-provoking short film that reiterates self-help as the first step towards sanity.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Chimp&z Inc raises awareness through a stimulating short film that encourages people to take a step towards self-acknowledgment and self-help, especially during a pandemic.

The short film titled ‘#IAmHere and #IAmHearing’ showcases three individuals who take on unusual methods to cope with their mental health issues. It aims to shed some light on the neglecting attitude of people towards their own mental health and well-being. The film follows a creative passage as it takes the audience through a simple plot where the characters appear to be consoling someone in need of mental and emotional support. But as we arrive towards the end, the film delivers a hard-hitting message that is quite unexpected.

The 2-minute short film innovatively conveys a much-needed message. With ingenious shots and camerawork, the film throws a positive spotlight on a topic widely preferred to be left alone.

Lavinn Rajpal & Angad Singh Manchanda, Co-founders, Chimp&z Inc.

“The pandemic has turned tables, making humans vulnerable to their own minds. At such a time when people have to give up their lifestyle, reduce socializing, and keep to themselves, it is quite impossible to ignore the effect all this may have on an individual’s mental health. Thus, we thought it was necessary for all the people out there to know that they can be their own friend, confidante, therapist until they find the right help. ‘#IAmHere and #IAmHearing’ reveals simple ways in which you can be all ears to yourself,” said Lavinn Rajpal & Angad Singh Manchanda, Co-founders, Chimp&z Inc.


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