Chimple Learning: Founders, Funding And Achievements


About Chimple Learning

“Making every Child impossible dream to reality.”

Chimple, a non-profit E-learning organization in India, dedicated to improving children’s learning using technology as a source.

Foundation and Founder

Chimple Learning is a part of zoolore learning foundation is founded in the year 2015 by Srikanth Talapadi, CEO of Amiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd. Srikanth also cofounded Sutara Learning Foundation along with Anupama Kolamala, a private incorporated and non-govt company incepted on 26 March 2015.


The non-profit organization strongly believes in taking advantage of advances in AI, developed software, Gamification and Cognitive research paired with dropping prices of open source tables helping children learn in groups or alone. The team envisions that the children using the tablet as a forever friend on their journey of discovery and exploration.

Challenges & Impact

Nearly 250 million children globally lack essential reading and writing skills limiting their future potential, paving to poverty and inequality. Surprisingly, the impact is mostly seen in developing countries, and more than Two-third are girls. Most of them do not have proper access to standard schools or teachers or are not able to attend schools due to poverty.

Chimple Learning foundation after learning about the basic literacy not only lift out the child from poverty but can learn further and make their impossible dreams come true. The learning foundation dreams about multiplying the number by millions of children can foresee exponential development in science, technology, literature, arts, and even society.

The simple story behind the name ‘Chimple’

Srikanth Talapadi says that the team was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s outlook towards ‘simplicity.’

The learning foundation techniques will be used by children who do not know how to read and write. The technology or the software what they use should be very “simple” so that a child who has never seen a mobile or table will be able to start learning and interacting from it.

Another prime motto of the foundation is “learning should be fun” and thought what can be more fun than a “chimpanzee.” So eventually, they blended the two concepts – ‘Chimpanzee’ and ‘simple’ and crafted a portmanteau word called as “CHIMPLE.”

Chimple’s motto

The e-learn foundation believes that traditional methods of learning are way out. In simple they want to build a Utopian society and want to look the future with high literacy rates with high-quality education using technology as a teaching source. The technology shapes their learning and interests them to discover more. Each child in the foundation will experience personalized learning leading to optimal education.

Funding and Achievements

Chimple learning foundation is a self-funded organization.

The edtech startup company won $1 mn funding from Global Learning XPRIZE, backed by billionaire Elon Musk, a technology entrepreneur and investor. The competition is challenging the teams to develop open source and scalable software to assist children in teaching themselves in basic writing, reading and arithmetic just in 15 months. The e-learning foundation is one among the five finalists to compete in the final round. The five finalists which include Chimple team have to participate in the field-testing phase to receive a grand prize of $10 million, to be announced in April 2019.


Chimple learning startup foundation believes that children learn best when they explore with their friends. They use tablet learning software to teach children with a touch of quizzes and games, stories, maths, animation and many techniques to make children educate and making learning as comfortable as possible.

In 2017, Chimple built a software-based learning platform to use on tablets and piloted it in a Kannada-medium school in rural Bengaluru and Swahili-medium school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


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