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Chimp&z Inc Founders Launch ‘Yellophant Digital’

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The founders of Chimp&z Inc have announced the launch of Yellophant Digital to provide digital marketing solutions to startups and SMEs in India.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the agency will be headed by Preksha Seth. After gaining the hands-on experience of running a digital agency for five years, Preksha has kick-started her second venture, Yellophant Digital in alliance with Chimp&z Inc. 

As India’s only full service, ROI driven digital marketing agency, it focuses on crafting flawless marketing strategies and not just creative solutions for its clients. This USP gives the agency an upper hand in the budding SME and start-up market. The agency will house specialists in these services who will develop marketing and advertising solutions for their clients based on their distinct needs. Set up with a holistic perspective, it is a one-stop destination for brands with an appetite to create a niche in the industry.

When asked the founders of Chimp&z Inc about the new launch, Lavinn Rajpal & Angad Singh Manchanda, said, “Nowadays, SMEs and start-ups seek to make a grand appearance on digital media and have a longer shelf-life in the highly competitive markets. Yellophant promises exactly that. The agency is modeled to function effectively and sustainably with the clients’ needs at the center. We have enabled all the necessary services required to boost brands to the forefront in the very initial stage of the agency to provide wholesomely to its clients.”

Lavinn Rajpal & Angad Singh Manchanda_Founders of Chimp&z Inc

About her new collaborative venture, Preksha Seth, Co-founder, Yellophant Digital said, “Yellophant Digital is my 2nd venture into digital marketing. It is started with a very simple thought of being a launchpad for the start-up and SME industry of India. Collaborating with a global services agency like Chimp&z Inc to accomplish this thought is just what I needed. With the infrastructural support and the global outreach, the agency has, I am really excited to partner with them. Our vision is to be the leading agency in the SME sector and provide a specialized agency model to cater to the specific needs of this industry. The aim is to revolutionize the way brands and entities look at the digital industry and provide growth to them by using dynamic creative solutions and data.”

About Yellophant Digital:

Yellophant Digital is formulated as a launchpad for start-ups and SME industry with an array of services like digital and content marketing, design, tech solutions, media planning & buying, SEO, SEM, videography, photography, ORM and brand strategy. Yellophant Digital provides an agency model to the organizations, which is not just limited to product and campaign launches, but a whole new partnership model to achieve business growth.

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