Different Types Of Product Explainer Videos 

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You know, getting users to sign up for your product takes creative sales and an effective  marketing strategy (refer to it as skills, if you like). If you want to promote your internet-oriented business product to digital users, you will need a great introduction or pitching of your idea to potential investors who could support your product launch or re-engage existing clients. Additionally, you need to boost convergence and sign-ups to run into profit sooner after the launch. Explainer videos are considered the most incredible technology to inspire your investors and product users. 

A well-made flagship explainer video by the experts provides insight into how-to queries and utilizes the power of manual excellence and artificial intelligence for: –

·         Facilitate the target client’s business

·         Generate leads 

·         Turn leads into buyers

You can use discreetly designed explainer demo videos for target audience segments at the different marketing funnel stages, such as: –

·         Drive traffic to your web portal and boost your SEO ranking

·         Increase customer engagement

·         Multiply marketing ROI

·         Accelerate sales 

·         Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  1. Marketing and sales videos

Well-made Marketing and sales videos made for promotional purposes can yield higher and faster results than manual salesforce. Videos can be played simultaneously at various destinations and numerous times, tirelessly.

  1. Demo videos

It is always easier and more beneficial to showcase the visual’s explanation about how your software works than explaining textually or orally. Do you know 96% of people who watch explainer videos to learn about products and services love watching videos in under two minutes? Therefore, make sure the demo video is concise, engaging, speaks to audiences’ challenges, and highlights the benefits of your product most appealingly.

  1. Animated tutorials

Tutorial videos are a less costly approach when it comes to educational content. Instead of the live instructors, you can have an animated or ‘live’ instructor tutorial video that can be detailed and engaging every time, without a miss.

  1. Social videos

According to research, social videos are 12 times more likely to be shared than text and images. Also, video posts on social media get 48% more views. 

As you are dealing in the B2B domain and more B2B decision-makers use social media research products and depend on peer recommendations, social videos should be part of your content marketing strategy for B2B or B2C  products.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn and Facebook videos are popular among B2B buyers. To boost your brand in a short time, start posting video content on these platforms, like narrative videos, to your newsfeeds.

  1. Rope in the power of expert interviews and trending news

Utilize webinars and live streams to share educational content and relevant information, which will help you build your platform’s credibility and authority status.

Also, you can turn the event recordings into evergreen video content, which will optimize your company’s return on investment and establish your trust amongst potential users. 


Videos can be any or an amalgamation of custom graphics, live-action, animations, or argument reality. You can bring elements like humor, emotions, and direct communication with prospects to bring out your brand’s personality and products or services. Your product videos can be around any niche like  tutorial videos, demo videos,  training videos, and more.

Also, you can narrate the fascinating story of your company and satisfied customers’ testimonials to connect with clients in a short span of a few minutes through marketing videos.

The platform videos’ creative and original concept has always helped set the business apart from the crowd.

You can cover the reasons like introducing software apps or cloud-based services, teaching people on using the software through  training videos, and much more through explainer video content. 

Product videos are a great subscription model that saves time and money. They are easy to use and uneditable (means more secure) medium scalable to suit specific business requirements.


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