Easy Steps To Build A Long Lasting Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

If you look at the statistic of all these brands today, most of them state they have brand loyalty of more than 90% even though most of the people have so many brands to choose from. Brand loyalty lets you retain the customers that follow or love, the brand for a long time. Having a kind of experience from brands that’ll make the customers keep coming back to them time after time is the goal for brand loyalty one should look for.

Though it sounds a bit complicated, there are some strategies that can help achieve this by integrating them into your social media strategies.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Tactics You Can Implement In Your Marketing:

Brand loyalty is the concept when most of the people prefer a particular brand over others; for example, iPhone lovers will always prefer to buy a smartphone manufactured by Apple.

Quality Customer Support

It’s no secret that the level of customer support that you provide to the customer plays an essential role in getting the customer coming back to the brand. Most of the queries these days are being asked by people directly over different social media platform. Considering that you should always focus on getting as much customer support responses on these platforms as possible. Having a dedicated team that’ll handle support on social media is the best way to go. Utilizing a social media tool in a situation where the queries are a lot compared to the number of people that can handle it, can be really beneficial.

Interaction on social media should be considered extremely important since you are being watched by literally millions of people. The way you react with customers will reflect on how you are as a brand. One mistake and it can be a downfall for the reputation a brand has built over the years. And remember, going viral is amazing when you are looking to increase your exposure, but going viral for being a brand that doesn’t have civil values is something a brand should have on top of their ‘Don’t’s’ list.

Acknowledging simple posts made by a customer that doesn’t have any questions in them should never be overlooked. Leaving a decent comment for every post mentions you receive will reflect how responsive you are as a brand. You might also learn a lot from these social media posts, what impression your brand leaves on them, whether they love or hate it. Being transparent with consumers and always giving out responses will build trust in customers and should pave a path that’ll take you to a stronger relationship between your customers and your brand. Being a responsive brand can also get you out of thick and thin situations without any damage to your brand reputation.

Build A Strong Brand Voice

You need to have a unique brand voice that will be recognizable by the people who love your brand; it should represent the brand the way you want it to project onto everyone. Your brand voice should be able to reach everyone loud and clear and should be recognizable enough for people to remember easily.

Telling a story through that voice is also important as you want to show what your brand believes and people should be able to connect with that story. Let’s take Nike, for example, they have been known as one of the best brands when it comes to sports merchandise. They have built a voice and story that people who don’t even like sports, likes them. Your story should be inspirational & desirable enough for everyone that it attracts new customers and draws them into investing them into buying your products.

Reward Your Customers

One of the best ways for getting the customers to return to your brand is building a rewards program that’ll offer rewards or coupons for customers who’ll interact with your brand the next time. If people are getting some kind of benefits form getting back to your brand after they have already purchased something, there’s a 90% chance people will return. Take the concept of cashback a lot of brands like Amazon Pay, Zomato, Swiggy etc. are offering the customers. Just because of these offers, the interaction with their business has increased exponentially.

Take Google Pay’s recent Diwali offer that required people to grab five stamps that’ll give them a coupon with guaranteed reward and a chance to win 1 Lakh rupees. This even increased their interaction on social media as well as everyone started looking for these stamps, not to mention all the transactions people did in order to get them.

Take Starbucks as well, they have a running rewards card that allows customers to get rewards and perks each time they make a purchase with them. They are pretty active on social media and readily promote their rewards program on these platforms to grab new customers. Even if you are not able to create these reward programs, you can always use the social platforms in order to promote any offers you have.

Social Media Equals Brand Loyalty

Every brand has its social media strategy that includes increasing brand awareness and conversions etc., it’s better to include brand loyalty in this strategy itself. Regularly posting new products and updates regarding your brand can get you results that you might not have anticipated. The best way to implement this is by creating content that’ll amuse people into interacting with your posts. Take GoPro as an example for this strategy, they made a post asking people to post their very own photos and clips using the Go pro, and they’ll reward the ones they loved the most with cash.

Having a strategy like this is extremely beneficial and will definitely lead to increased loyalty. This also builds a solid pavement for your brand as people look forward to replacing their older products with the new one.

Your Brand’s Very Own Community

Having a community online is essential when it comes to increasing brand loyalty. You need to understand the customer that loves your brand, and they need to understand your brand better, and nothing better than having a place where you and your customers can build this relationship together. Creating things like a facebook group dedicated to your brand and their followers or Hashtags on Instagram that leads to your brand.


Once you build brand loyalty, the growth of your brand is imminent. Talk to your customers and interact with your customers more often than you plan to, and you’ll get to know more about how the world looks at your brand. Once you have the idea, shape your brand in that direction and let itself grow with the help of brand loyalty, you’ve worked hard to build.


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