Facebook Announces A Tweak To The Algorithms Of Comment Of A Post

Facebook a tweak to the algorithm of comments

Facebook officially announced a change to the algorithm that alters the reach of comments on a post. Comments get a high -ranking for those of a specific quality signal and whereas low-quality comments may result in the less range to the audience.

Not only the posts get ranks by Facebook, but even comments also get ranked as well effectively. The comments on posts with positive quality signals will reach to the people than the low-quality ones.

4 Features of Facebook Comment-Quality Signals

The social media titan has noted the comment algorithm has 4 features:

  1. Integrity signals- These signals measure authenticity. Means, comments which violate community standards and fall into the negative signals are said to be excluded.
  2. User indicated preferences- Refers to user polls conducted by Facebook to interpret what users wish to see in comments.
  3. User interaction signals- The signals indicates whether users interact with a post.
  4. Moderation signals- These signals refer to users to hide or delete comments in their posts.

Facebook explains,

“We’ve [recently] begun surveying people on Facebook to ask them to list the friends they are closest to. We look at the patterns that emerge from these results, some of which include being tagged in the same photos, continuously reacting and commenting on the same posts and checking-in at the same places. We then use these patterns to inform our algorithm.”

According to the Facebook team, Ranking is ON by default for pages with more followers and can choose to turn off comment ranking. But people with less or not many followers will have comment ranking turned on instantly because of the fewer comments, but if they want to disable comment ranking can go to their settings page.

Facebook with this, targets low-quality comments by hiding posts of low-quality from user’s Facebook feeds and to promote high-quality posts by them.

Facebook describes the quality of posts,

“To improve relevance and quality, we’ll start showing comments on public posts more prominently when:

The comments have interactions from the Page or person who originally posted; or

The comments or reactions are from friends of the person who posted.”


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