Facebook Avatars: Now Available in India


With the COVID-19 outbreak still plaguing the world, people have been forced to continue their social interaction online. To make it a better experience for its users, Facebook has launched Facebook Avatars in India recently.

Facebook avatar allows its users to create personalized digital avatars to express themselves. Starting from June 30, users will be able to create these avatars using the bookmark section in the Facebook app. These avatars can also be accessed while responding to a post with a comment.

These avatars certainly look similar to the Bitmoji feature from apple, which enables users to create a cartooned version of themselves, with an Indian touch. Avatars will include different face cuts, and users will be able to customize their avatar’s hairstyle and the outfit these avatars are wearing.

Most of these outfits are specially customized for Indian users and include most of the traditional outfits that you can find in Indian culture.

How to Create Facebook Avatar?

To create your own avatar, you will need a smartphone with Facebook or Facebook messenger installed. Then open the comment composer in either of these two apps. Tap the emoticon or smiley icon you see in the composer, move to the sticker tab and click on ‘Create Your Avatar’.

Another method is to visit the bookmark sections in your Facebook App, find the Avatar option, and create an Avatar representing your personality.


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