Facebook Business Suite: An All-in-One Management Tool

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook released their new management tool for Facebook and Instagram called ‘Facebook Business Suite’. It is mainly built to support small businesses so they can manage their social platforms using a single management software.

With the new tool, you will be able to add all your Facebook page and Instagram profiles. Facebook Business Suite tool can be accessed from desktop and your smartphones.

The tool allows you to control the post on both platforms at the same time. You will have access to all the messages and notifications from both the platforms in one place. This allows businesses to stay up to speed with their customers and respond swiftly.

Further, you also have the ability to check insights from both Facebook and Instagram accounts at one place, which makes it easier to understand new trends and customer searches.

With the new tool introduced for both the platforms, you do not have to use Creator Studio and Page manager anymore to stay in touch with your customers.

While creator studio offered great insights about how your videos are performing on the platform, the new tool offers much better analytics for both the platforms.

It is also speculated that Facebook might be adding WhatsApp messaging in the business suite. Responding to customers will be much more seamless when all three platforms are added to business suite.


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