Facebook Changes Video Guidelines By Introducing Ranking Factors To Videos

3 ranking factors to videos by facebook

Facebook brings up some series of changes to the rankings to the videos on its social channel. According to the video guidelines it will focus on original content where users engage for a longer time and those who return to watch more videos.

The three changes by Facebook will be seen in the news feed. And also affect recommendations in the “More Videos” category.

The 3 Ranking Factors

The below changes will impact on the videos ranked on Facebook Watch, News Feed, and Recommendations-

  1. Video and Viewing duration: The company intends to strengthen the ranking signals of videos based on people engaged for an amplified period. Videos with 3 minutes watch benefits the most.
  2. Loyalty and Intent: It strengthens the ranking signals of the video which people look for and return continuously.
  3. Originality: Limits distribution and monetization for unoriginal content.

Facebook emphasizes on the Pages creating original content where users can see only positive effects from the changes.


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