Facebook Introduces All-New Messenger with Added Features

Messenger Rebranding

This week Facebook introduced a new look for their popular messenger app for both mobile platforms, android and IOS. This is announced after they revealed a few days back that they will be integrating both Instagram direct and Messenger.

Facebook mentioned that this new look reflects what the future has for messaging, as it creates more fun, dynamic, and integrated way to stay in touch with the people you love. Since there are over a billion users on both the platforms, Facebook wants to offer a universal platform for people to connect with each other.

Apart from a fresh new look, Facebook has also introduced various new features in the new Messenger app.

Messenger Rooms

It is tough to stay connected with each other during current times as the pandemic is still isn’t over. Though we might not be able to meet each other in person, features from Messenger such as messenger rooms that allows you to create a virtual room to connect with your friends and family.

You can also use the ‘watch together’ feature to entertain yourself and the others by watching videos together. Keeping in touch with the small businesses you love will be much easier.

Cross Communication

Facebook announced earlier that messenger users would be able to connect with people from Instagram users and vice versa. Being able to continue your chat with your loved ones regardless of the platform you are on, is a nifty feature. At the moment, they will be releasing this feature to North America and will soon be released to other regions in the coming months.


Facebook will also be releasing new chat themes and custom reactions to personalize the looks of your messenger chat. Further, they also ensured new features such as selfie stickers and vanish mode will come soon. When clubbed together, such features offer great personalization.


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