Facebook Launches New Reporting Tool to Help Marketers Analyse Data Better

Facebook reporting tool

Facebook has introduced a new tool for marketers to help them measure ad performance across accounts, channels and more. The tool will help advertisers understanding how ads are performing, what channels are driving the growth of audiences reached.

Here are key features of tools:

Cross-account reporting:

As a social media marketers we have to use multiple accounts for different campaigns from a single brand. This tool will show advertisers metrics such as reach, impressions, and conversions across multiple ad accounts. It would help marketers give a complete information of Ad performance.

Conversion Path

Facebook has launched Conversion Path to give an understanding of which paths – channels, publishers, or devices are the most impactful in driving conversions.

The report reflects the interactions and the paths that lead to a user visiting a website, eventually being converted.

With the new custom metric building features, you can formulate and save metrics. The tools are designed for assessing and optimizing campaigns by allowing advertisers to build better reports that are more tailored to your business goals.


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