Facebook Messenger Graph API Helps Brands Connect better with People

Facebook Messenger

This week Facebook released its new Messenger graph API that is designed to help the brands connect efficiently with customers on the platform. There are three of these features that Facebook release in this update:

Easily select app for click to Messenger campaigns

With this feature, Facebook is trying to simplify the process of how a user can get connected to the right app for the Facebook ad campaigns run by brands on the platform.

From their Blog:

We are making it easier for brands that have multiple apps connected to the Messenger platform to easily select the app that they want to use for their click to Messenger ads. The first phase of this solution is now available for businesses and we plan to announce additional improvements in the coming weeks.

Icebreakers to help people start conversations with a business

This feature will have a number of questions already set by the brands, which can be used by the customers to break the ice between them. There are a lot of question templates that brands can preset for the customers on their pages on messenger. This, in turn, helps the brand to answer customers efficiently that if combined with automated replies can save a lot of time for both brands & customers.

View user reactions & message replies

The last feature that Facebook introduced in its API update, is adding user reactions to business interactions. Brands will now be able to see what users are reacting to the replies from the business. And now each reply will contain the quoted message the user is replying to. This will help a lot since conversations will be more clear now.

Though these are not game-changing updates, they are significant enough for the brands that are trying to interact better and promote their products.


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