Advertisers can create these ads via using the ad manager or within Facebook's official website.

Social good for business

Privacy has been a common topic of concern among people for quite a long time.

Considering this, Facebook has released details of its ad review process to the masses to be more transparent about how they choose to focus ads on improving the monetization aspect of its website.

Advertisers can create these ads via using the ad manager or within Facebook’s official website.

Some of these contents are supported by the advertisers to increase their popularity amongst its user base.

All advertising policies and community standards must be followed by these ads.

While the ad reviews usually take a period of 24 hours to complete, they are subject to being re-reviewed for quality assurance purposes.

This re-review is only done by other people but the company wants to keep the process mostly automated.

This entire process is supposed to improve as time goes on.

This makes the entire process of finding the right ad for the right person at the right time all the more accurate for the company.

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This is just one of the many major iterations that this site has seen over time.

This has made this platform much more accessible to people than ever before.