Facebook Rolled Out New Features to in the Video Creation Kit

Facebook users can share 3D photos in Stories

Facebook Video creation, launched in 2018 brings numbers of updates to help marketers customize and automate video content. Video advertisers will also have access to new templates, more font options, seasonal stickers and more.

facebook video kit

Here are new updates: 

Video Resize:

Facebook added a new tool to make it easier for advertisers to optimize the size of their videos for various ad placements. Marketers will be able to convert one video into multiple videos with various aspect ratios in just one click.

More Editing Options:

Users will now be able to choose from many video templates including a single-image template that can add visually engaging motion to a static image.  Facebook also added 20 new fonts for creating text overlays on a video.

“Save” Feature

Video advertisers will now be able to save drafts of unfinished videos, making it possible to pick up their video project whenever they have time versus having to start anew every time they create a video ad.

These new features are boon especially for SMB advertisers that may not have the technical know-how to resize video ads and don’t have a budget to hire a professional video editor. 


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