Facebook Testing New Tool That Allows Photo Transfer To Other Platforms

Facebook new Tool

Facebook has been seen testing a new tool that will allow users to transfer their videos and photos to other platforms. At the moment the test includes photo transfer to Google photos only, but more platforms will be added in the future.

How Can Brands Benefit from this?

This new tool will give users more freedom of data portability, but brands can benefit from this as well. This is especially beneficial for social marketers, instead of downloading images from facebook and then re-uploading them onto other platforms, now marketers can transfer these images or photos in bulk from Facebook to other platforms.

There are a lot of small businesses who utilise Facebook photos as a medium for storing their media. These businesses can benefit from this new tool since they’ll be able to cut down a lot of time and resources. It will also provide a more user-friendly interface for users while moving from one medium to another.

The new tool from Facebook will first be available to users in Ireland and with the help of feedback from the users, Facebook will refine the tool. The social giant plans to release this tool within the first half of next year, i.e. 2020.

The media transfer process will have encryption since facebook is focusing on privacy as the first priority for this tool. The transfer will have a password that will act as authorization for the transfer.


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