Facebook Up For Launching Free Internet Application

source: - fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akahmid.net

Facebook after coming up as the leading name in social network is now keeping its eyes on rising technologies in different sectors. To begin with the management team has clearly identified the areas where it will be focusing its research and development operations. The inception has been done in Colombia, where the company has just launched its new application named Internet.org in collaboration with local mobile service provider Tigo. The company has its aim set to push the application in the Colombian market to boost the usage of Internet in the developing markets. This strategy is basically designed by the management team to grab a larger market portion in such markets to take an added advantage and lead over the competitors.

source: – fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akahmid.net

The application will be providing diversified services with the assistance of Android Operating System, which will include Wikipedia, weather sites, jobs listings, health information as well as Facebook as the social networking platform and messaging system for the people of Colombia. The whole idea behind to launch this application is to boost the entrepreneurial skills of the people by giving them free Internet business which they can use for the growth of their business in an effective manner. The application has been uploaded with different links for free access but users have to pay data charges for fetching the information from these links.

Facebook has been partnering with different service providers to promote its social networking service in a cost effective manner. But, this is the first time when Mark has hold hands with a mobile service provider for promoting the free Internet application. The application has the potential of raising the Facebook audience by more than 1 billion monthly users and the company has this confidence as Tigo itself holds more 8 million users in Colombia.


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