Facebook’s Facial Recognition Feature For Identity Verification

facebook facial recognition

Facebook has been serious about identity verification since past few months. Yet again they were seen testing an all-new feature that’ll be used for individual face recognition with the help of a video selfie.

Recently, reverse engineering expert Jane Wong has revealed in one of her tweets that Facebook has been testing a feature that’ll allow its users to look at their camera and record a selfie video that can be used for their identity verification for their accounts. Looking at the screenshots from Jane Wong’s twitter, the process takes the user to look at the camera from different angles, which should let the system know what the user looks like.

If you are worried that these videos might be used for wrong purposes, Facebook has assured its userbase with the following comment:

No one else will see this video, and it will be deleted 30 days after your identity is confirmed

This feature is not introduced out of the blue by Facebook as they have been working on their face ID recognition software for years now. This was being developed in case the user gets locked out of their Facebook account, they could use this feature to get the access back.

But then again, Facebook has been known for misusing and manipulating the data in the past and recently lost a lawsuit of $35 million for allegedly misusing the facial recognition data in Illinois, where they scanned the faces of the citizens without their consent. It’s yet to see how this feature pans out once it rolls out to the public.


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