Facebook’s Star Wars Inspired Features For Messenger

Facebook Messenger

With the final instalment of star wars series is just around the corner, Facebook added a brand new set of star wars themed features into their messenger app. This move was done by Facebook so the fans could enjoy & celebrate the end of an epic era of star wars.

Facebook Messenger

As seen in the gif above, Facebook added new AR effects into the messenger, that can be used during video calls and messenger stories by the users. Though you can only do this with the help of the app itself, this can’t be done if you use the web version of the messenger. These custom videos or stories can then be shared with your Instagram stories.

Facebook’s explanation:

Jump into hyperspace and travel to a whole new world with the Lightspeed Effect. Then, you’ll be able to see yourself as part of the Resistance, gliding through the galaxies in Poe Dameron’s X-Wing with the Cockpit Effect. And don’t forget about the battle of the Dark vs. Light side of the Force! Now, you can use the Dark vs. Light Effect to choose your side.

There are other features that were added as well like themes, emojis & stickers that included a theme that has a starry background that users can apply to their message threads.


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