Food and beverage start-ups that were featured on Shark Tank India


Season One of Shark Tank has finally come to an end and we are amazed to see the new wave of entrepreneurship emerging in India. From millennials to the elderly generation, Indians from every corner of the country came to the show for seeking investments to grow their ventures. Amongst many businesses, food, and beverage start-ups were featured on Shark Tank India.

Let us look at some of them

  1. Skippy Ice Pops

The brand Skippy Ice Pops bought the iced candy back in the Indian market. The brand had colorful packaging and even managed to get an all-Shark deal.

  1. Tagzz Chips

Tagzz chips as a brand promote healthy snackivity by consuming chips made with popping technology. The brand also sells gourmet sauces and dips. With bagging a deal from Ashneer Grover, the brand wants to expand its product range.

  1. Nomad Food Project

Bacon dips are delicious and this what the Nomad Food Project is bringing to the market. For those craving  meat savoury breakfast can enjoy this delicious product.

The brand does not use any preservatives or chemicals, hence the products have a small shelf life. 

With bagging an investment, the brand wants to expand to other range of meat and bacon products.

  1. MomoMami

Founded by Master Chef Aditi Madan, MomoMami sells delicious frozen momos. With gaining funding of Rs 75 lakhs, the brand wants to expand in bringing the cuisine of the Himalyan region to the masses.

  1. Namhya foods

Namhya foods are bringing soul and old traditions in the beverage industry. It creates preventive products that help to boost immunity, fight diabetes, and even help in regulating periods and PCOS.


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