Foundation to formation – Ajinkya Dhumal’s unique approach to architecture and design


Ideate, Integrate and Implement – the trifecta model on which Infinity Architect and Interior.

Designer’s stands. Change is a constant and Infinity always works towards creating something new. Infinity caters to the premium market that appreciates the finer things in life. Ajinkya has had a lot of ups and downs in life. His passion for art and design led him to take up his first job as a painting contractor and since then he has worked hard to achieve his dreams of establishing a name for himself in the industry which then led to the early beginnings of Infinity. Today, after 17 years Infinity is well known for its premium designs and excellent execution providing the most luxurious lifestyle for its customers.

Anu Aga Residence, Jai Raj House and Ladkat house are some of the prized projects that Infinity has worked on. Infinity has also worked with big wigs from corporate industry that includes Goel Ganga Group, BMW, DPES, Publiq, Maruti Nexa, and a handful of national and international companies from the hospitality, real estate and education sectors.

Ajinkya strongly believes that this industry requires passionate artist who dedicate themselves to create and provide only the best to their clients. He believes that understanding the difference between the client’s need and want is an overlooked part of the process without which you cannot remain true to the project. The success mantra that he has repeatedly mentioned is to be aware of what the client needs while the client himself is drawn by his wants and overwhelmed by endless possibilities. He also argues that the real luxury and comfort can’t be bought with a quick online purchase. It requires research, authenticity, and appreciation – things that Infinity does best. Every single design and material used is original and unique for every project, making it completely customized and unique for the client. Ajinkya owes his recognition to his passion for the job and his astute observation skills.

His tendency to wow his clients has always been his key priority. As a perfectionist he is, his personal involvement are right from start to finish, being a part of the process starting from foundation to formation.


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