From Grit to Glory, The Journey of eAnythingIndian’s Co-founder Meeta Dandona

meeta dandona

Delhi-based Meeta Dandona is the founder of pan-India online shopping portal This portal is launched with the motto “Be Indian. Buy Indian.”

Meeta Dandona is a role model for all women who want to keep their dreams alive and who believes that faith and belief in oneself is needed to transform dreams into reality and to eliminate the fear of failure.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Keeping this thought in mind, Meeta Dandona, the entrepreneur, is all set to take the online shopping world by storm. With a dream of herself, she has launched her own portal where consumers are offered standard and low-cost products from Indian producers. It is the marketplace presented by the Proud Indians primarily for Indians within and beyond the Indian shores.

So, what makes this website stand apart? When we asked this question from Meeta, she replied “Everything”.

According to Meeta:

“When you have a dream, you go out of your way to make it happen; no matter how tough it might be.”

Born in a simple Indian family, her life also went the way the life of most Indian women do. She finished her graduation, got married and eventually had two children. But fate has decided something special for her. She is now the proud owner of and is setting online shopping world on fire.


Meeta has been a scholar all her life. She graduated from the prestigious Delhi University and got married to a guy, chosen by her parents. Managing the home and hearth is hardly as easy as any Indian woman knows but she did everything that was needed to be done with a lot of pride. She has completed all her responsibilities from time to time. But in her heart, Meeta always wanted to do something special for herself and that is when the seed of was sown.


Meeta respects and loves her country a lot and thus she always put a lot of weight on the Indianness of things. When she studied the online shopping market in India, she was dismayed to find that most of the products were manufactured in China and elsewhere and very few products are actually manufactured in India. She got disappointed with the statistics initially but then she decided to turn the table by introducing an online shopping portal that would provide products that are manufactured within the country. Meeta, being the real Indian woman, knew that the majority of the Indian population would love to use products which are solely manufactured within the country and thus she has beautifully used this weapon to introduce

Meeta always believe that India is second to none and that’s why she always wanted to launch the portal where everything showcased is India-manufactured. There is a popular saying that,” Where there is a will, there is a way”. Meeta has brought her dream to life by launching Soon after the launch, this portal has gained immense popularity within no time and Meeta rose up the ladder of success.

Meeta Dandona believes that, “Fashion is like eating and you cannot stick to the same menu all the time”. This thinking of Meeta has also influenced her shopping portal and thus she has added a wide array of stylish clothing options to her portal. Meeta, being the stylish Indian Entrepreneur, knows that Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life and thus have added everything to keep Indian women in style.

MOTTO OF EANYTHINGINDIAN.COM is a leading online shopping portal in India. If you are tired of purchasing sub-standard chinese products and looking for something Indian then this is perhaps the best website to land on.

This portal has introduced with the sole motto:

“Be Indian. Buy Indian.”

This is the marketplace which has been launched to cater proud Indians who have an urge to spend their money on things that are truly Indian. From fashionable clothes to Indian sweets and savories, this shopping portal is a veritable treasure trove of products. People can buy anything and everything from the website, be it costume jewellery, spices, cooking items, and home décor items. You’ll be surprised that how beautifully and efficiently Meeta has managed to keep numerous things on her portal and she proudly declares that all her products are manufactured in India.


From modest beginnings and normal family background, the journey of Meeta Dandona has not been an easy one and she still has a long way to go. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Meeta is also a mother of two children and has a huge responsibility to cater to family as well. But as it is a saying, “Through Hard work, perseverance and faith in God, you can live your dreams.”

According to Meeta, “All your dreams come true, if you’ve the courage to pursue them”. And that’s Meeta Dandona for you.
Meeta always believes that a dint of hard work and determination can help you in achieving your goals and objectives. Like Meeta, it is really possible to add life to the dreams and all you need is confidence, hard work, self-belief and passion for work.


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