How Has Online Shopping Changed The Lifestyle Of Urban Dwellers?


Gone are those days when we had to travel to a particular store to buy a few things. And if we did not like it there, then go to another store and so on until we find what we want. With the advent of technology, we need not go from one store to another to find what we are looking for. All we have to do is open a few tabs on your electronic devices, go onto the category, filter the products according to the price range, brand, size, and so on and we are done. It has become as simple as that. 

Thanks to home computers and high-speed internet connections, shopping has been taken to the next level, and everything is accessible online. We can even order groceries and have them delivered to our homes at the time convenient to us with apps such as EverydayMeat, and so on. Besides, even medicines can be ordered with just a few taps on the screen. Shopping as become so easy that we might not even have to set foot out of our homes.

What Made Online Shopping So Popular?

When the idea of purchasing online was introduced, people were, of course, sceptical as to how the quality of the products will be, whether or not it can be trusted, over time, we have understood the benefits and the convenience that comes with shopping online. However, like everything is not all positive, there are downsides to online shopping as well. 

The Impacts of Online Shopping

The most liked aspect of online shopping is the time. We can shop at our convenience; anytime we want as these sites are open 24*7. We don’t have to have a salesperson or a store staff walking behind us while shopping, which most people find annoying. Further, it also helps us avoid standing in long queues at the billing counters. 

Going to the store involves a lot of other expenses such as fuel, parking charges in the malls, the frustration due to traffic, and so on. 

There are so many online shopping sites, and we need not worry anymore about not being able to find the product we want. If it is not available on one site, we can anytime go to another one and check there. Further, comparing prices between different sites is easier than ever. 

The most appealing part that attracts users to buy more is discounts, sales, and deals that go live during the festive season, holidays, and other important days. These offers are much better than the ones available in the shopping centres. 

Most of the reputed brands have their online stores, which make it easier and accessible for people to purchase products of their favourite brands. They no longer have to travel long distances to find the brand outlet. 

Further, the delivery part is very convenient as all the online shopping sites have their delivery services and you can receive your product anywhere between 1 day and one week. This has provided jobs to various people and has become a source of their livelihood. Further, there is also a requirement for a huge number of staff members in the warehouse and at other stages, which again has employed many.    

With such a level of convenience that online shopping has provided us, we tend to ignore the negatives that come along with it. However, the sites do take into account the negative impact it has on the environment and other areas and does the needful to keep the impact minimum. To conclude, online shopping has become an integral part of people’s lives and gradually changing the way people shop. 


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