geoAMPS Pushes Software Solutions To The Global Limits

geoAMPS Pushes Software Solutions To The Global Limits

geoAMPS is a company developing software solutions to manage Land Rights and Infrastructure Asset Management. The company is based in Ohio and serves clients from the U.S and Canada.

Meet Yogesh Khandelwal and his wife Leena Madan- the Indian entrepreneurial power couple that is taking Ohio& North America by storm, both individually and as a team, with their company geoAMPS.

All You Need To Know About geoAMPS

In 2011, the husband-wife business duo launched geoAMPS, a software development company managing infrastructure assets and land rights, in Powell, Ohio. Serving only the land rights industry with their first product, rowAMPS, geoAMPS has gone on to create products that serve 11 different industries including Oil & Gas, Alternative energy, Transportation, GIS, Railroad, Telecom, Survey, Environment, Documents, and Government.

The organization’s adaptability, flexibility, innovative products and openness to new technology has helped geoAMPS win significant awards including 20 Most Promising Utilities Technology Providers, Inc. 5000’s America’s Fastest Growing Companies, Healthiest Employer Award (2016-2018) and many others.

Eight years ago, Yogesh Khandelwal developed the geoAMPS software out of his home as a side project in addition to his full-time day job. Today, the company has been named as the “Who’s Who in Energy” and has become a leader in creating software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets in
US & Canada. Together, the couple plans to strengthen their business empire further globally.

Yogesh was selected to 2013 Forty Under 40 Class of Central Ohio, and she was named as one of the Most Powerful and Influential Women of Ohio by The National Diversity Council.


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