Give your Office and Home a Quirky Look with Unique “Flintstop” Products


Tejas Jhaveri founded “Flintstop” in 2014 with the sole purpose of making everyday life easier for everyone. In this pursuit, he came up with an e-commerce venture that provides innovative and unique products that not only solve your daily life struggles but also revamp the look your whole place with their quirky designs.

Flintstop is a collection of well thought out products that can solve your day to day miseries. For example, we often need to move from one desk to another in our office to get things done and we have to carry our laptop, charger, water bottle, and what not with us which can be too much to handle. Well, Flintstop has a solution for that. A “sticky sipper” that can be stuck to your laptop and you do not have to carry a bottle.

This is just one example Flintstop is a  one-stop shop for all the 21st-century products and has something for everyone from kids to teens from working women to old men. They have it all.

About the Founder

University of Mumbai alumnus Tejas Jhaveri has always been a tech geek. Tejas is so fascinated with technology that he left his high-end job and went HongKong to attend an exhibition which was a complete eye opener for him.

That Hong Kong trip gave new purpose to his life and he was prepared to cling on to that place forever. That’s when he was confident of what he wanted to do in life.

Inception of Flintstop

One day when Tejas was searching the web for quirky products but he did not find exactly what he was looking for. That is when he realized that demand for such products in India was not being met with any supply and he decided to bridge the gap with an e-commerce venture.



The Team

With the motto of “You’ve got a problem? We have a solution!” Flintstop started off with only two people in 2014 including Tejas and one office boy. All the tasks from listing to final deliveries were handled by these two only.

Today, Flintstop team comprises of 20 full-timers and 3 part-time employees who are working passionately toward their motto.

The Success Story

Started off in October 2014 with only 8 products, today Flintstop has more than 2400 products in the catalog in multiple categories like Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Personal & Healthcare, Stationery, Bar, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, etc.

They sell their products both online and offline in 64 different marketplaces. They do online sales through their own website ( Offline, they are available at mega retail stores and various exhibitions. On daily basis, Flintstop is handling more than 150 orders with a total sale of around 10 to 15 lakhs per month.

Flintstop has also made a significant name in Corporate Gifting space with multiple corporate orders for companies like Etihad Airways, Edelweiss, Indiabulls, Roshan Publications, Godrej, Sun Pharma, Siemens, Aditya Birla Group and much more.


As they are doing from last 4 years Flintstop’s vision is to be an inventor, look out for problems and come up with products that can solve those problems. The team is also working on building an Innovation Centre for people who have the product ideas but do not have the required skills to build those products. Their goal is to be known in history as life-changing inventors.

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