Delhivery: Funding, Founder, Business Model, And Competitor


About Delhivery

“Enabling omni-channel logistic services.”

Delhivery, an omni-channel third-party logistics services, shipping and order management provider in India.

Delhivery provides tailor-made solutions for small sellers like boutique businesses, and brick and mortar retailers. The company is considered as India’s largest e-commerce company in India today.

Mission & Services

Delhivery thrives to fulfill India’s online demands and needs of the consumer providing best-in-class industry solutions, Pan-India, and Domain expertise operations.

Delhivery provides excellent services ranging from last-mile deliveries, warehousing duties and software solutions like channel integration software for sellers across multiple platforms.


Delhivery started its logistics in May 2011, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Initially, the company launched its business as a hyperlocal express delivery service provider for delivering flowers, food, and offline stores locally in Gurgaon for the starting few months. Delhivery was set up in three cities and increased fulfillment space from 10,000 sq.ft. in 2012 to 60,000 sq. Ft.


Delhivery is started by a bunch of engineers Sahil Barua, Mohit Tandon, Bhavesh Manglani, Suraj Saharan and Kapil Bharati. It was the time when every marketer and other firms going crazy about the growing success of the online market founders Sahil Barua and Mohit Tandon was captivated by the size and strength of the industry decided to focus on this space who were working as consultants with the management consulting firm Bain & Company.

Know a bit about founders

Sahil Barua is an IIM graduate from Bangalore worked at Bain & Company along with Mohit Tandon who is an IITian at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Whereas, Bhavesh Manglani is a graduate from Dhirubhai Ambani – I.C.T and IIM graduate from Calcutta. Suraj Saharan the other brainchild of the company is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Bombay. Kapil Bharati, the co-founder of the logistics provider, is also a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi.

Isn’t it surprising to see these bunch of engineers opting for different sphere when everyone is running behind software companies?!

Saharan is also colleague with Tandon and Barua; the other two are from the other organizations. The idea came into limelight when Bhavesh and Barua met the others by a common friend at Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai in 2009.

In June 2011, Delhivery acquired Urban Touch, as its first e-commerce client an online fashion and beauty retailer and in August 2011 it switched to providing logistics services for e-commerce companies.


Delhivery raised a total of $257.6M. In 2012, an undisclosed amount the company has raised from Times Internet Ltd, and a year later it garnered around $5M from Nexus Asset Management. The companies namely Tiger Global Management, Carlyle Group, and Fosun Group also funded the company.

Business Model

The company does not work on the traditional hub and spoke model for delivering parcels. They follow the distributed model and E-commerce methods providing Business-to-Business(B2B) where every branch can operate as the hub. They can route packages straight to the customers avoiding delays and no hassles.


  • Ecom Express
  • DotZot
  • TruckSuvidha
  • Blackbuck
  • Maa Enterprise Company
  • Rivigo
  • FedEx
  • Allcargo Logistics
  • NuvoEx


Building a stable e-commerce company is not a cakewalk for the start-ups. Need to cross too many challenges and hurdles to gain trust and pride with the consumers. Today, Delhivery provides faster delivery services than other logistics, and it is cheaper than Blue Dart and FedEx.The company started with 2 Cities, 6 Clients, 20 Sellers and 500 product per day. Now the whole scenario has changed with its mark in 1200+ Cities, 3000 Clients, 150000 Sellers and 350000 Products per day and 15000+ employees.


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