Shuttl: Founders, Business Model, Funding And Competitors


“Shuttl: Stress free Commute to Work”

Shuttl is the largest office commute service provider in India. The Shuttl app is based on office shuttle service to make commute reliable, affordable, dignified and specifically to commute safely.

Shuttl is a technology sourced seat-based bus which demonstrates the ability to directly address the twofold increase in pollution and congestion, offering a carbon-efficient, space-efficient and cost-effective travel for urban India.

Shuttl’s first ride began…

Shuttl is founded on Feb 19, 2015, by IITians Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya based in Haryana.

Technology as source and destination

Shuttl leverages on technology and focuses on safety, comfort and time-saving process. All you need to do is install the Shuttl app for easy commute.

Search away! You can explore bus routes between two locations and the app assist you to find the possible way to reach there.

Maps- once the booking process is done you need to browse your bus route on the Map. The application helps you to navigate to your pick up point.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)- The tech sourced app facilitates user to keep track of your shuttle on the app to plan the journey. A user receives the vehicle’s details within 30 minutes before the scheduled boarding time.

Time your Shuttle- Now you can track the time of bus going to complete the commute journey.

Move flexibly- User can cancel or reschedule the booking before Shuttl reaches your pick-up point.

With the technology-powered application, the bus sharing startup focuses not only on catalyzing a shift from private vehicle use to shared mobility; it also motivates more women to move into the workforce. The entrepreneurship attitude of the Shuttl provides bus owners with the latest technology, relevant training, financing and offering safer greener and methodical services.

Other features

  • App users can refer a friend to Shuttl using a referral code where your friend gets Rs 100 in Shuttl credits once they sign in. In return, the users who referred gets up to Rs 25 on each paid ride your friend takes.
  • The app helps you forward your rides, left in the previous pass to your new pass.
  • You can schedule the Shuttl routes during off timings by browsing from the list of buses and set a reminder. The app notifies you 15 minutes before selected time.
  • Shuttl passes start at Rs 60 per ride. It also features like SOS alert and ride-sharing details.

Business Model

Shuttl runs on a Revenue model.

Since the startup inception, the bus sharing commute offered more than 8 lakh rides and clocking about unimaginable rides a day. Apart from Delhi the company operates in the cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, and Pune and expanding to other cities as well.


The startup raised a total of $35.2 M with annual revenue of estimated $1M. The startup is funded by 12 investors and 5 lead investors viz., Trifecta Capital, Alexa Fund and Amazon are a few names in the list.


ZipGo, Cityflo, and Commut are the leading contenders to Shuttl.

The team believes that the business requires coverage — the more bus routes you have, the faster the network kick in. The company at the early stage of inception used to serve over 30,000 rides daily in Delhi-NCR regions and Kolkata.


The duo succeeded in proving that booking a bus via bus booking is easy and safer than cabs which are expensive and carpools restricting your space and time. The increasing risk of pollution and traffic jams in all the major cities lead to the more number of sharing the process to save time and money.

After the on-demand taxi and carpools, now startups draw themselves to cater to bus service which is a next big thing happening in the transportation sphere aiming to overhaul the commuting system with ease to commuters. Shuttl is one of a kind startup that broke the cliche of cab booking and stepped forward in an innovative way using the blending entrepreneurship and technology.

Take on Pollution

In its blog, the startup expressed its view on how pollution gone severe and worsening day by day.


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