BlowHorn: Founder, Funding, Business Model, And Competitors


About BlowHorn

BlowHorn- India’s top-tier tech-based Intra-city logistics startup for operational goods from 1g to 1 ton. The startup provides its operations in multiple cities offering forward, reverse logistics for first, middle, and last mile within cities.

The journey of Toot…

Founded in July 2014, Bengaluru by Mithun Srivatsa, Nikhil Shivaprasad. The duo are not new to this field; they have more than a decade of experience in the logistics and technology space. The startup is incepted finding the bizarre and chaotic structure of the logistics sector.

Nikhil, generalist technologist and Mithun is a logistician are friends from college who reconnected while Mithun was pitching about BlowHorn to investors in the USA. The capabilities of binding technology and logistics experiences lead them to reinvent the total logistics definition.

The radical flaws horned the duo

The startup found the fragments and inefficiency in the logistics is due to lack of supply- truck drivers and mini trucks which is disturbing the whole delivery supply. There was no standardized pricing and processes when they gauged and learned about the model of the logistics. The mini-truck transportation in India is determined to be between Rs 30,000 to 60,000 annually.

The company wants to build Earth’s best intra-city logistics company, solving the potential problems of the customers. With Technology as an asset, the duo builds a light, efficient, smooth operations of logistics marketplace. They observed about unorganized players in spot markets for intra-cities and traditional methods used by companies logistics which is insufficient to serve the fixed contracts. The methods used by the logistics is burdensome and riddle with primitive technology platforms. These two men geek at prime and different strategies to handle sizeable logistics problems and new age businesses or firms.

Believing in solving critical flaws in the logistics market in India, founded “BlowHorn”.

BlowHorn’s Customer base services

The tech-based startup initiated a customer service training program for its mini-truck drivers aiming at unemployed young India.

The team initially did not set any marketing budget. They used techniques that has no cost effect and eventually getting their name out in the market. The company spammed a few groups on Facebook where people sold and bought goods and succeeded in urging them to use BlowHorn to move their goods when customers discussed moving in or out of homes/apartments within Bengaluru.

The early realization on how individuals depend on these logistics helped them to build the platform to serve the needs of the segment. The duo shifted focus to both traditional and modern businesses to sustain and increase the volume of business and its margins.

Business Model

BlowHorn algorithm is similar to that of cab aggregators like Ola and Uber. The tech-enabled platform offers mini-trucks to transport goods to urban cities providing services for individuals and businesses. Together with a network of mini-trucks and consumers. The time frame of delivering the services is less than 30 minutes, and a customer can schedule the booking of mini-trucks to a later time and date. Mithun adds that the conviction in the business model is never wavered and never tweaked the model to sustain the investor whims.


The startup blows the horn too loud that many noted investors funded the company. IDG Ventures India, The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Draper Associates and Unitus Seed Fund.

Tim Draper, an investor for the international companies, who counts on him, are Skype, Telsa, and SpaceX, an undisclosed funded amount to the BlowHorn taking the market to the next level.

The company’s got impressive clientele which includes Flipkart, Amazon, and Urban Ladder. The company raised $3.4M and registered three-folded growth in revenue, and maintained its capital efficiency.


LetsTransport, Shifer, Lotrucks, and moveasy are some of the major contenders for the BlowHorn.


BlowHorn is the delivery partner for OnePlus mobile phones campaign in Bengaluru. It has also worked in partnership with cab sharing company-Uber.

The company is scaled to 160 employees and has 1.8 million mini-trucks in urban centers. Currently operates in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Hyderabad via the website and mobile application.


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