Google Announces Free Webmaster Conferences In India And Worldwide

Google announces free webmasters conference 2019

Google announced a piece of existing news for techies and enthusiasts worldwide. The technology company officially announced that it will host free webmaster conferences 2019 aiming to bring search related information to people worldwide in their own language. Amazingly, the conference is entirely free.

Soon Google is to reveal the details of the Webmaster conferences to the communities it hosting around the world.

Webmasters Conference 2019- Welcome to an event made for you

Google states that

“These events are primarily located where it’s difficult to access search conferences or information about Google Search, or where there’s a specific need for a Search event. For example, if we identify that a region has problems with hacked sites, we may organize an event focusing on that specific topic.”

The theme of Webmaster Conferences are to provide the requirements of the webmasters located in the communities in their own communities.

The Webmaster Conferences event in India- 15 Cities in 6 Different Languages

The conference is a niche for content creators, web developers, bloggers, SEO specialists etc. to join in learning and discussing how they can make their content accessible to the multiplying of Internet users across India.

List of events- Google Webmasters Conference 2019

Google on hosting an event in India said,

“We are hosting the Webmaster conferences 2019 (rebranded from Google Search conference) as Google deeply cares about the creation of local language content and discovery of this content. These conferences are a series of one-day events across 15 cities in India…”

Webmaster Conferences event details.

Webmaster Conferences coming soon in other countries

Europe and North America

“We will also host web communities in Europe and North America later this year, so keep an eye out for the announcements!”


Two events will be held in Indonesia soon.

In Japan- March and April 2019

Google in March and April 2019 hosted a Webmaster Conference in Japan in Okinawa and Fukuoka. Many Japanese Googlers attended the event.

Sessions included- Google Image Search and The New Search Console & Helping The Long Tail Web.

For more announcements and events.


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