Google Chrome Tests A Play/Pause Button For Its Toolbar

Google chrome tests play-pause button

Google Chrome engineers are testing to add a play/pause button to the Chrome browser toolbar. Techdows and ZDnet media spots the button. The button that will present on the toolbar will make its users handy to pause and resume multimedia content which currently plays in the browser.

The feature is named as Global Media Controls (GMC), and it’s been currently tested on Chrome’s Development browser called Canary. The play/pause button will be present on to the right side of the URL and popups with a video sliding down, allowing users to either play or pause.

Play-pause button feature for chrome

The button runs for both audio and video content through various multiple Chrome windows playing in a different tab. The GMC-ed play/pause buttons will be available on desktop versions- Mac, Windows, and Linux.

As per the reports, the testing is under process and still has some bugs and glitches when if seen tried to pause a video.

How to enable the play/pause button on Google Chrome?

  1. Firstly, a user has to download/update the Canary browser to enable the GMC UI buttons.
  2. Go to chrome://flags to experiment the page.
  3. Search: Global or Global Media Controls flag
  4. Click on Enable and relaunch the browser.
canary to enable GMC

After the completion of the process, you can see a tiny play button icon on the Google Chrome adjacent to the URL field. The feature as of now works with YouTube, Apple podcast pages, Spotify and Vimeo.

As mentioned earlier, the Canary version is unstable and crashing several times, trying to use the facility. But as of now, it is unclear that when the play/pause button will be live on the Google Chrome.

Google Inc. has released many useful features and tools for people to roll them, and with the other functionality in its bucket seems to be a useful one with some objective testing to play and pause just right located at the URL toolbar.


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