Google Is All Set to Help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims with the GPF


A massive destruction occurred when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal along with North and East India. The horrific incident caused an avalanche on the Mount Everest and took lives of many. Even in India, many people felt strong tremors of the quake and claimed lives as a result.


Damaging several houses and marketplaces in Nepal, the terrible earthquake claimed many lives in the nation as well as left the survivors in search of their loved ones. The search for the missing people is still on. At this time, everyone from across the globe is lending relief to the victims of the earthquake. Search engine giant Google has done no less. It has launched a website Google Person Finder with an aim to find the earthquake victims in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

Google Person Finder – What is it about?

Google Person Finder is a web application which can help you find people missing in the quake. The website allows you to find the person using their names or current location. Apart from it, the web app also allows you to give information about anyone.


Idea behind Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder was developed with an aim to help people collect and pass on the information about those affected by the massive hit. It also aims at helping people to post information about others or search about the status of the friends and family members affected by the quake.

Use Google Person Finder to Find your Loved Ones

Wondering how to use this web application? Simple! The web application gives you two boxes, ‘I am looking for someone’ and ‘I have information about someone’.

For those who are searching for people who are trapped or lost in the devastation, can click on the “I am looking for someone” button and type the name of the person.

Likewise, if you have information about someone’s friends or relatives’ safety, then you can click on “I have information about someone” and tell them about their whereabouts.

Currently, Google Person Finder is tracking around 400 records and helping the survivors find their loved ones in the devastation created by the earthquake.



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