Google Nest Vs Alexa. Which voice-control assistant is now ruling the homes in 2021?



With the pandemic, our homes are now heavily dependant on technology. The remote work and the managing of simple household chores are now executed by different types of voice-controlled assistants 

The voice-controlled assistants make the chores easy. They make the houses completely automated. In 2021, voice-controlled assistants have become an integral element for smart homes. 

These voice-controlled assistants in 2021 are competing with each other by up-gradation with new features. Google introduced Google Nest Mini which keeps track of the daily schedule and also helps kids prepare lessons virtually. 

Amazon Alexa is now used for connecting with electronic equipment such as air-conditioners and geysers with the auto on/off voice operation. 

These two voice-controlled assistants have pioneered the space of artificial intelligence and transformed our homes in 2021. 

So which one is reigning our homes in 2021? Do we need additional devices to make these types of equipment work? Let us take a look at the different criteria to determine whether it is Google Nest or Amazon Alexa that makes our home smarter in 2021.

  1. Language recognition

Not every country in the world speaks English, French, or Spanish. They have their native languages. People would want to listen to music and give commands in their languages. With Alexa, one might feel conversing with a bot, while Google Nest is more conversational. Google Nest has a wider pool of language that is comprehensive. You do not need to speak in phrases for Google Nest. On the other hand, Alexa can only comprehend when one speaks in a certain verbal syntax. 

Winner- Google Nest fits the bid

  1. Ease of Usage

Both these voice-controlled devices have regularly upgraded features, therefore voice commands can become obsolete if there is an update in the software. Both Google Nest and Amazon Alexa need good voice enunciations. However, Alexa has a better user interface with its LED ring indicators along with physical buttons for increasing or decreasing volume, on/off switches, sound muting. Google Nest comes with microphone muting and touch-sensitive volume control switches.

Winner -Amazon Alexa is easier to use

  1. Sound Quality

Before Google Nest, the best voice-controlled assistant with maximum sound quality was Google Home Max, which is now discontinued. Currently, Amazon Alexa’s Echo Studio has a powerful speaker. It can fill the room with the right sound direction as it comes with angled drivers. The Google Nest Audio lacks bass intensity. Amazon Alexa plays from Amazon Music and Spotify while Google Nest connects to Youtube Music and other platforms. Although both have the same midrange of sound quality, Amazon Alexa has an edge due to its strong bass volume.

Winner- Amazon Alexa has a better sound quality

  1. Smart Home Integration

Both Google Nest and Amazon Alexa work efficiently with other third-party devices. Google Nest thermostats are compatible with both Google Nest and Amazon Alexa. Both can be integrated with electrical devices at homes such as security cameras, lights, geysers, etc for automated on/off features.  Even with a smart television, Firestick and Chromecast are compatible to stream films and shows on OTT platforms

Winner- Tie between Amazon Alexa and Google Nest

  1. Connectivity

Alexa is better equipped with machine learning features. Its AI is more evolved to acquire knowledge and strengthen its ecosystem. Alexa features different modes such as the whisper mode or the doorbell concierge mode. Its Bluetooth and wifi connectivity is stronger than that of Google Nest. You can sit in one room and ask Alexa to switch on the geyser of another bathroom. Google needs to upgrade its hardware integrations

Winner- Amazon Alexa has a better connectivity

  1. Design

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Nest have attractive aesthetics. However, Google Nest has a better variety of colors other than black, grey, and white. Amazon Alexa is also competing with its kids’ edition with animal-faced patterns. Alexa also stands out in the crowd with its dome-shaped design.

Winner- Amazon Alexa has a better design

  1. Cost

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Nest are at the same price point in 2021. Both start at $49 and $49.9 in the entry price range. Although Alexa is just one dollar expensive, Amazon gives massive discounts during the holiday season. 

Winner- Both are at the same level of pricing.


Both the voice-controlled assistants are almost at the same level of quality and pricing. Amazon Alexa wins over with its sound quality, while Google Nest wins with its comprehensive processing of data. 

The choice depends on the utility factor for each of these devices for different homes.


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