Google Thanos Easter Egg Wipes Out Endgame Spoilers Search Result

Google Thanos Easter Egg snaps by wiping out search results

Google easter egg is awesomely turning the search results of Avengers Endgame Spoilers search results to dust with a snap.

Check how it is possible:

The easter egg works on desktop and mobile search results.

Go to Google.

Type Thanos.

On to the right, you can see an Infinity Gauntlet in Google’s knowledge panel.

Tap on the Infinity Gauntlet to snap its fingers. Instantly, search results start to vanish similar to that of “Avengers: Infinity Wars” climax scene.

The Google search results will scroll by themselves and starts disappearing from the page.

Surprisingly, Google’s 96 million results reduce to 48 million!

If you want to bring the results back, click on the Gauntlet again.


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