Google To Add Timestamps To YouTube Videos In Search Results


Google seems like not stopping anytime soon. The multinational technology company is testing and launching many features and has now been spotted testing a feature ‘Timestamps’ for specific types of YouTube videos in the search results.

The video bookmarking was first observed and reported by Android Police, says it appears in the Google app while searching for instructional how-to videos.

Timestamps enable users to stride directly to key minutes within the video without watching the content throughout the video which they are not interested in. These appear below the thumbnail video in Google search results allowing users to click on the particular timestamped video that is most relevant to them.

Google sources tell that the video timestamps appear in the latest beta version of the Google application. It seems like Google is pulling the timestamp data straight from the video description.

Here are the screenshots of displayed timestamps in search results from YouTube:

These timestamps are in the array with the ones presented in searched results. It looks like quite a useful feature for users to get out from boring long YouTube Videos and mid-roll of ads.

While people searching for how-to-do videos, usually skip to the actual part instead of sitting through a 20-minute YouTube Video, so eventually, it comes handy and convenient to the users.

But at the not so bright side, YouTubers possibly debate that Google is pulling the viewing time from videos by allowing users to jump only to the specific minutes. Or chances are more that video creators were inviting users to do the publishing timestamps in their video descriptions.

Eventually, nothing can be judged until Google makes the timestamp feature permanently in search results till its next public update.


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