Weekly Roundup : Social Media News and Updates

Social Media News Round up

We are back with some of the amazing new updates in the digital world and social media this week. Check out the new updates and features added to your favorite social media platforms.

Learn more about the trending and hottest new social media trends with Whizsky’s weekly roundup of Social media news and updates. 

This week’s list of #SocialMediaNews includes Facebook Chatbot, Instagram curbing fakes followers, new dashboard and much more. Let’s Checkout.

Facebook is Reforming Chatbot Permissions For Subscription Messaging.

To send subscription messages will have to be accepted at the Page-level instead at the app-level. So, Chatbots sending subscription messages have an option to transit from app-level to page-level permissions until December 31, 2018. The changes do not apply to standard messages.

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Instagram To Sweep Out The Fake Followers And Comments Generated By Third-Party Apps.

Photo-sharing application, Instagram is taking measures to set boundaries for inauthentic activity on its platform. The company recently observed the increase in the number of accounts using third-party apps to grow the audiences artificially. Instagram announced it will be removing Likes, Fake Followers, and Comments from the accounts that generated by Third-Party apps to increase their fame.

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Twitter Segment News in Explore to improve content discovery

Twitter announced a transition for how users discover relevant in-app content. Twitter which has become number source of news among all social media platforms has made it easy for users to find news

Instagram rolled out new usage dashboard

Facebook announced the new digital wellbeing measures in response to a report about the dangers of social media consumption. Instagram’s been testing its ‘Usage Insights’ dashboard for a few months now and finally, the company is started rolling out the feature.

Facebook is testing a new option for joint video viewing in Messenger.

Facebook is testing a ‘Watch Videos Together’ feature for Messenger. This could be made available across chats, to offer to view control for original content.

Google Adds a new option to Google My Business App.

Google My Business (GMB) got some improvements recently enabling business owners to do more on-the-go. The features are new to the mobile version of GMB, but not to GMB in general.



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