Google’s Home likely to launch in India || Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa


Google confirmed the launch of its smart speakers “Home” and “Home Mini” in India soon. Although there is no confirmation of the launch date yet, the Home and Home Mini will launch in India by April 10.

Google home speakers are quite fairly priced. Google home sells for 129 dollars in US, which means in India it may cost close to Rs 10,000. The Home Mini, which is a small sized speaker, sells for 49 dollars, which means in India it may cost around Rs 3,500.

Here is the tweet from Google India account

 According to the reports, both the Google speakers will be available in India at online stores as well as offline stores.

Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa

Amazon launched its “Echo” speaker in the last quarter of 2017 and both Home Mini, Amazon Echo comes with a smart assistant and similar functionalities. While Google’s Assistant is called Google Assistant, Amazon calls its AI Alexa.

Amazon Echo sells for Rs 9,999. The company also sell the Echo dot, with which the Home Mini will compete, at a price of Rs 4,999. Then there is the Echo Plus, which offers a bit more powerful sound that sells for Rs 14,999.



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