Google’s New Algorithm Can Create Original Content From Webpages


Google has recently published research of a new algorithm generates “coherent” articles by taking yours and competitor’s web pages in the account. It can also answer a user’s question without having to send them to another webpage.

This algorithm is about summarizing “multiple documents” and summarizing them. This can be applied to books. This can be applied to open source databases of information. But this can also be applied to any public webpage, including your content.

How Does it Work?

It works by summarizing web content using elements that extract your content by removing all unnecessary parts. The algorithm is similar to those algorithms generating featured snippets. These algorithms are called “extractive summaries” as they extract content from web pages. These extractive summaries are like reducing original content to the most imperative sentences only.

Now, after this, the new algorithm uses Abstractive Summary, a paraphrasing algorithm. Google uses both approaches and that are “extractive summaries” are used to extract important information from the web pages and then applying the “abstractive summaries” is used to paraphrase the content.


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