Google’s New Organic ‘Popular Products’ Listings in Mobile Search Results

Google Popular Products

Google has announced the official rollout of their new feature “Popular Products” for mobile results that are related to apparels, shoes etc.

Since a long time, Google has been experimenting with different ways they can make the product listing appear on the search results that also includes Popular Products.

Google mentioned that they identify these popular products from different merchants so they can show them in a single place which allows users to filter them based on department, style and their size. These listings eventually lead to the retailer’s website. The new feature Popular Products is now live on Google mobile search results.

Google took this step to enhance the product search experience on the google search engine. This is due to the increasing competition from brands like Amazon and other platforms. Google announced it has acquired Pointy, a hardware solution that captures products and inventory data from merchants that are still small and operate locally to be used in the search results.


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