Google’s Tips to Businesses That Were Affected by Coronavirus

Google My Business

Coronavirus has been one of those inevitable issues that can’t be avoided. From ordinary people to businesses, everyone has had some sort of impact on them. If nothing else, people started washing their hands regularly. Some users even took it to Twitter, expressing their “concern” regarding the handwashing situation.

Google My Business

On a serious note, Google has been offering advice to businesses regarding the situation. What steps should they take if their business has been affected amid COVID-19? Google suggests that businesses that were affected should update their Google My Business profile with correct information, to assist customers efficiently.

In addition to that, Google has also posted a Google My Business help page that includes further recommendations. Let’s have a brief look at these tips:

  • There were a lot of businesses that made changes to their timings to cope with COVID-19. If your business is one of them, mention the time when you’ll open or closed.
  • If your business got affected by coronavirus then you need to update your description with correct information. You can also add in extra information about precautions you have taken or are taking. Use Google posts to share detailed updates about any changes or general status of your business.
  • Double-check your businesses contact number. Make sure there are no mistakes, there might be some customers who’d like to get more details.  

All of these tools are already available for business, Google hasn’t released any new feature to them. These were some of the suggestions that business should look into if they are looking for the best ways to utilize Google My Business during coronavirus fiasco. There might be a possibility that new features will be introduced, but for now, this is it.


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