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Introducing Facebook News: A Dedicated Tab For News

Introducing, the latest addition to Facebook’s vault - Facebook News, a dedicated tab that’ll feature all the latest news from around the...
Facebook to delete 1 million accounts ahead lok sabha elections 2019

Facebook Gives More Option to Make Money for Content Creators

Facebook is introducing new tools that allow content creators to monetize their content in different ways. Apart from new Ad revenue opportunities, the platform...
facebook sound collection

Facebook Introduced Facebook Sound Collection for Videos

Facebook has introduced a new feature to let you make your videos even more exciting and immersive. Instead of just using the ambient audio...

Facebook to add Local News Section Called ‘Today In’

Facebook is testing a new feature in its app where it will have city-specific local news, events, and announcements available on its platform. The test is...

10 million People go live on New Year’s eve on Facebook

Erin Connolly, Product Manager at Facebook, wrote in a blog post on 3 January "The night topped last year's live broadcast activity, with people...