Introducing Facebook News: A Dedicated Tab For News

Facebook News

Introducing, the latest addition to Facebook’s vault – Facebook News, a dedicated tab that’ll feature all the latest news from around the world. Facebook tested this for quite a few months now, and after carefully running all the test, their all-new tab is ready and here, for now in the US only. They have been working intensively on this for a few months and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in an interview that they’ll be introducing a new section that’ll feature news from around the world from their ‘high quality and trusted’ sources.

Zuckerberg mentioned in the lines of:

One of the things that’s worked for few years is we’ve launched watch for video, where people who weren’t getting videos in their News Feed could go to a place that’s dedicated just for watching videos they want. Since that has been a huge success and people liked it, we thought we should do something same with news as well.

Facebook News will allow users to go through the news they are interested in reading. Every User will be able to customize their news tab as per their requirements where they’ll be able to select the genre of news they want, and the publication they want the news to come from, those who have been approved by Facebook. All these publications need to follow facebook’s guidelines that include the news that shouldn’t include wrong information, hate speeches, clickbait titles and much more.

Facebook News

In addition to this, if the pages on facebook that provide news as well, want to appear on the news tab, they’ll first have to verify themselves to be listed in ‘News Page Index’, these pages will be checked whether they have been providing accurate news or misinforming the users. If at any time, they are found to provide misinformation to the users, they won’t be included in the news listing page or will be removed from the index if already present in the list.


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