Heartbeat Announced Expansion to Tiktok for Brand Partnerships

TikTok Heartbeat

One of the biggest influencer marketing platforms, Heartbeat, announced that they will be expanding to TikTok. This allows their brand partners to choose Instagram and TikTok while creating social media campaigns.

Heartbeat TikTok

Once this expansion is successful, brand partners will be able to collaborate with influencers who have multiple levels of following such as macro, micro, and nano.

These campaigns involve things such as:

  • Being able to choose different targeting options with the help of Heartbeat’s own campaign builder.
  • Being able to run content creation campaigns on a very large scale.
  • Being able to use Heartbeat’s shipping services since 90% of the products were successfully shipped till now.
  • Being able to track details on the posts such as likes, comments, and shares in real-time.

This can be really beneficial for brands that are looking for growth in the market. Working with an influencer can help them grow in popularity really fast. This step can be really strategically beneficial for them since it happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of brands and creators will be able to benefit from this a lot.


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