How to amass good customer reviews that give a boost to your business?


Did you know that the business reviews can endow your business with a boost in your website sales and traffic? The customers write the reviews with trust and full authenticity. And a local listing that encases lots of positive customer reviews would attract more visits of new buyers than a website which includes none. It is surely a wonderful way to stand out from the rest and give the others a huge competition.

With the gizmos and gadgets being used widely, it has leveraged the customers with the option to search and shop whenever they want and it is very important that you benefit from every available opportunity to stand apart from the rest. You can witness that whenever you search something on Google, the local search results would exhibit the positive Google+ reviews. The reviews with number of views, icons and all such things give a boost to your business and increase the sales at one go. It would attract the consumers to click on your website and help your business largely.


With the customer reviews getting hyped at an alarming rate, it has made lots of businesses to contact third parties to post reviews that are not authentic and also provide incentives for the same. This isn’t something that you must imply, if you want reviews on your website and for your business. Here are a few mistakes that most of the businesses make when they try to amass reviews:

  • These businesses request every customer to write a review or give him/her a pre-written template to simply copy and paste. And with the similar sort of reviews getting posted a number of times, the search engines would recognize the unauthentic means and mark them as spam.
  • Requesting customers to write reviews at their offices and business places. Is the search engine dumb? Well, when the search engine comes across multiple reviews from the same IP address, it would again mark them as spam

What you must do for authentic customer reviews:

  1. Trustworthy and hospitable customer service- If you treat all your customers like they are your star customers and you value them, if you hospitably deal with them. They would eventually advertise your business verbally by acquainting their family and friends about it which would garner multiple reviews for your business.
  2. Social media- You must not simply use social media to ask or request people for reviews, instead use it as a customer service annex. If your customers mention your brand on their profiles or talk about your profile and business, try to thank them by praising them and letting them know that you are happy as they had a wonderful experience.
  3. Communicate with your customers via email and blaze them with customer satisfaction surveys- You must always try to amass the email addresses of your customers so that you keep sending mails to them about the latest offers and promotions. Send them an email asking did they like your business, how was the shopping experience etc.


If you individually send emails to your customers, you are surely going to get lots of replies. This is how you can build more traffic on your site and amass lots of customer reviews that are authentic and true. You will not have to ask customers to leave reviews and it would help the search engines to mark you as an authentic and true website too. Therefore, acknowledge the aforementioned points and it would surely garner more and more customer reviews for your business.



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