Vital website components that many businesses are losing out on!


The websites that grip the users and attract their attention are the ones that are accredited and appreciated. The key to success for such websites is to retain the visitors and nowadays, there are countless tools that generate impressive, responsive and user-friendly websites. But there are countless tools so how can you chalk out that which tool would be best?

The customers and users want transparency and authenticity in the commercial websites and the most efficient way to do that is to exhibit credibility and faith. Here are some vital website components that would build transparency in your website that many businesses are losing out on:

  1. Contact information

It is very important that contact information must be mentioned on the websites. How would the buyer chalk out the difference between what is authentic and what isn’t? In this time and age, it is essential that all the business websites encase their contact information appending the phone and email address so that it generates trust factor amongst the users. And you must make sure that the contact information is easily accessible and comes easy. Contact information in a hidden and masked way would exhibit a bad impression. When you are exhibiting your contact information, make sure that you bold the details and affix them with all your social media links. Creating a separate contact page is advisable as it becomes easy to navigate.


  1. About the company

It is very important that you encase background and information about the company. About the team, mission, vision and everything that made you launch the business. Try to spend more and more time, do the grounding work and chalk out a proper company story that proffers your visitors with comprehensive background, history and stories of the founder members. Also encase links to all your professional accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn with a proper picture. Also by generating testimonials, reviews and a client list, you can build authenticity on your website.

  1. Relatable content

When you generate leads and engross yourself to build social media presence by generating regular blog posts, it is perhaps the key to persuade users into clients. These are essential strategies that can help you. Generate videos, images, info graphics and relatable content that are appropriate to your website, the services and your products.

Consider to build case studies, detailed research reports and articles that can build more and more trust on your website. Don’t have breaks, write and generate content continually, without failing. Also, create original and fresh content that the users would love to read.

  1. Don’t make it comprehensive

As responsive websites have come into being, businesses are trying to make websites mobile friendly with the new Google algorithm modification. And according to a recent survey, majorly lots of websites that have converted into mobile friendly sites are getting appreciated and accredited. Never ignore a mobile strategy and always focus on both website and mobile strategy. For both the strategies, try to keep it as simple as you can. Don’t make it messy and comprehensive. Limit the content only to what the users need.


More and more people are reading content on mobile devices, tablets etc, and as  the owner of your website make sure that you make your website mobile friendly as well. Make it user friendly with easy navigation, responsiveness etc.

Therefore, the aforementioned posts are the ones that would surely help in making your website authentic and trustworthy. Through these steps, your website can build trust and faith in the users and businesses must adhere to these steps.


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