Important Tips About Pinterest Quotes Strategy

Pinterest quotes marketing

Now days, you must have noticed that business accounts on social media publish a lot of inspirational quotes. The continued use of the quotes proves that more number of people like them or find the quotes interesting compared to the number of people, who find such quotes annoying. The social media quotes strategy, if executed properly, definitely works in favour of a particular brand.

The main reason why most brands these days are posting inspirational quotes is because these type of posts account for high level of fan engagement and generate more interaction on the social media platforms. This, in turn helps in boosting the visibility of a brand.

Using Quotes Increases Fan Engagement 

Today, some of the leading brands are leaning on inspirational quotes that generate several numbers of likes, pins and comments. A lot of people can easily relate to the different quotes, which they like and share, instantly.  Studies reveal that Pinterest generates the maximum number of inspirational quote share, compared to other social media platforms.

So, if you are using Pinterest for marketing your brand, you must include quotes in your strategy. However, the key here is to do it the right way. Because, if quotes strategy go wrong, it can absolutely annoy your fans and followers.

Don’t assume that getting the maximum number of likes or pins is the end of the game. The ultimate motive is to boost your brand engagement to the maximum. Keeping this in mind, you need to see to it that the type of quotes that you post is helping you to achieve your goal or not.

What’s the Strategy behind your Inspirational Quotes?

Don’t blindly post quotes that you like and which might not have much to do with your brand. Infact, look for posts that you reflect your brand’s objectives and purpose. This is to make sure that you are not just sharing random thoughts, instead focussing more on the philosophy of your brand. So, sit in a calm and composed mind and try to analyse the ‘whys’ behind your brand’s products and their concepts. Accordingly, look for related posts that are aligned with your brand’s concept.

Are you Using your Own Images, alongwith your Quotes?

When posting visual content on Pinterest or any other social media website, for that matter, it is best to post only original images. This way, your pictures will be more in line with your brand. Use tools like Canvas that helps in putting together images with text overlays. One good idea is to maintain a standard theme or color , so that people can easily associate the pictures with quotes with your brand.

Discovering the Right Quotes

Look through some content discovery engines and compile the quotes specific to your brand . Go through the other pinned posts to understand how they have been used by other brands.


If you post about 3 quotes per day, you might easily annoy your fans and put them off. So go slow but steady.

When posted in a measured way and following a particular strategy, Pinterest quotes can prove to be really powerful for your business, when correctly incorporated in your brand’s marketing mix.


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