InnerChef: Founders, Funding, Business Model, And Competitors


Are you a binge eater, finding for delightful cuisine to satisfy your tummy?! Does your food order take time to reach the spot? Do you want a food application where you can find answers for all sort of problems?

Here is an answer for all your unsatisfied bellies where you can find all varieties from traditional platters to desserts.

InnerChef is India’s online food discovery and delivery platform. With InnerChef, you can order your favorite dishes and experience the thrill of adding, mixing, tossing and plating all within 20 minutes of serving.

The food-tech startup chef will shop for all the fresh and exotic ingredients which generally one cannot find in the market. They take care of your scrumptious meal by chopping and washing the vegetables with perfect seasoning and preparing secret sauces, and readily packing them in a precise measure following the simple instructions. It offers you the chance and eagerness to cook dishes that are fresh, fun, healthy and reasonable.

The magical kitchen

InnerChef is founded in April 2015, by serial entrepreneurs Rajesh Sawhney, Sanjeev Singhal, and Bal DiGhent at Haryana.

The trio initially thought of an “Ingredient box”– a box filled with ingredients prepped with a perfect amount to create a dish by providing a recipe for the particular dish. Within a few months, the team realized that the proposed food model would take time to scale and the Indian market would take nearly 5 years to warm up to this idea. So, the startup decided to change the model and start with ready-to-eat foods method.

The company’s first product was a combo box of a panini, salad, and juice priced between Rs 200 and Rs 250. The focus is to connect with young working professionals looking for a quick, healthy meal. Later they came with the idea of selling desserts with the food and launched the desserts platform called “Indulge”.

Involving on different Business Models

InnerChef has a food model, where the food is prepared in various central kitchens, and the desserts model works similar to a hyperlocal marketplace. The delivery systems, packaging, and consumer interactions work along one channel.

InnerChefs’ “Indulge” platform operates on a marketplace model. The platform is carefully supervised with a screening and tasting process. Interestingly, most of the partners on the Indulge platform are women.

Another model they work on is the hub-and-spoke model. They follow this model because the food is a perishable item and there is a need for close supervision. The team ensures that the same quality of supervision is met across different cities they stepped in.

Funding and Acquisition

InnerChef raised a total of $12.4M with 20 investors and out of which 2 are lead investors to the company. Recently the company has raised $6.5 Mn (INR 43 Cr) in a pre-Series B round led by long-existing investor Mistletoe Inc. and Das Capital. The company says funds will be used for brand building and further strengthen its shared kitchen platform across India.

The food-tech startup acquired Flavour Labs, a Gurgaon-based food truck company and Bengaluru-based EatOnGo, an on-demand meal service which is similar to Innerchef, in March 2016.


Box8, TinMen, and Holachef are the prime competitors to the Innerchef.

InnerChef- A Gourmet Guru

InnerChef became one of India’s fastest growing food experience companies. The use of right quality of “Food” and perfect scale of “Technology” made the company graph to the next level in the food-tech market. It brings good food to the hands of many and creates culinary affairs worth remembering.

The company is a truly global brand which balances between the cuisines of modern India, authentic European, delicious Mediterranean, and flavorful Asian maintaining its Indian roots.

It currently operates in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai serving more than a thousand orders a day with finger licking dishes prepared with best ingredients with care.

There is a saying that, the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. InnerChef seems to crack every technique to feed thousands of bellies and reach the heart of people.

The InnerChef kind of model got control over the backend, supply-chain, and menu, and the quality of the food delivered, making the startup very important for an Internet-based restaurant.


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