Updates from Instagram- Content filters


Instagram has become the photo-sharing giant in recent years with crossing over one billion monthly users. It is reported that more than four billion likes happen every day on Instagram, which is a huge number if compared to the other photo-sharing app. 

Instagram has announced some new updates in the multi-million user-based app.  As per the latest updates, Instagram will prompt the users to share their birthdays to screen the content for them based on the age they have provided.

Some of the advertising campaigns can not target users who are below 18 due to age-based constraints. The new feature will confirm the date of birthdays with the given birth date provided by the user. If the date does not match, users will not be able to continue using the app. The prompt will compel the users to share birth dates eventually to confirm the age of the users. With this new update, the users will not see age-restricted content as per the age. 

Instagram is trying to develop technology that can extract the exact date of birth from the users to prevent the inflow of wrong information. Instagram can take help with AI-enabled tools and software to screen out the incorrect information from the database. 

With its growing user-base, Instagram uses different types of updates and features to make it more engaging and secure. 


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