Instagram Expands Guides to All Users with Search Enhancements

Instagram Guides

Instagram introduced ‘Guides’ back in May this year to help users discover recommendations, tips and tricks and content from creators, brands, publishers, and public figures they follow on the platform. This new feature was released with the focus of helping people with wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creators on the platform could connect with an expert organization to curate resources and information which includes tips to ensure physical and mental well-being of your own and your loved ones during the pandemic while keeping in touch with each other.

Once you have accessed a Guide from a creator, you can see the content and posts the user has curated. You can learn more about the post within that Guide by tapping on the image or video to visit the original post on the platform. Users could also share the content with others by simply tapping the share button the top right.

At the release, Guides was only available to limited regions. Starting today, Instagram is expanding Guides to everyone and upgrading the search capabilities as well. Now it will be easier to find, curate and share the content such as images, videos, and products in Guides from the creators you follow.

Instagram Guides
Instagram on the new update

This change is made following the request from the community’s response to increasing the availability of Guides on Instagram. Now users will be able to share Guides they like from a creator on their stories and DMs. Creators can now feature product guides using Instagram shop within the main app itself. This will help users discover new products from creators they might not be following.


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