Instagram introduced a new ‘chat’ sticker to start group conversation from Stories


Instagram’s new ‘Chat’ sticker in Stories lets its users start a new group conversation from their Story.

“Introducing the new chat sticker in Stories. Now, there’s an easy way to start conversations with a group of friends right from your story,” Instagram said in a tweet.

A user’s followers who want to start a conversation with them can click on the ‘join chat’ sticker to request to become a part of group conversation. The person who has posted the Story can also choose to deny chat request to its followers. When accepted, the group conversation for the Story will happen in the user’s Direct message.

Instagram’s ‘Chat’ sticker should help when planning events such as a party or an outing. So a user can simply post a Story relating to the event they are planning and use the ‘Chat’ sticker to invite friends to a conversation. The details can then be discussed in a group conversation in Direct with all interested participants.


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